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Contribute to the Triumphant Return of Wheeler Dealer Radio's Mailbag

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Tag Team back again. No wait, they've been gone since '95. But Wheeler Dealer Radio is back with a fresh episode coming at you Friday afternoon! And so our Spurs with a vengeance, after destructing Newcastle 5-0 at White Hart Lane Ashlock is away on hiatus, but we have a new secret contributor who should be a great addition in his absence. I'm all set up in England now, so expect to have the posh-ness levels at an all time high on the pod.

I've missed you crazy contributors, and I'm glad to have you back. We have a lot to catch up on, as we discuss Newcastle, the FA Cup, Hazard, Uvini, and of course, all things Harry. We'd love all of those queries you've stored up now in our absence so I'm expecting a baller mailbag.

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