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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 17, 2012

I have no idea what photo can sensibly accompany this Hoddle
I have no idea what photo can sensibly accompany this Hoddle

Happy Friday Spursland! How was your day yesterday? Did you enjoy watching the uproar that enveloped our little corner of the internet here at SB Nation when our very own Ryan Rosenblatt posted this controversial article to the SB Nation Soccer page. I personally found the comments section over at The Short Fuse a wonderland. There, three groups fought an epic comment battle:

  1. There were the objective Arsenal fans who agreed that Ryan made some good points, but perhaps criticized his reasoning.
  2. There was the SB Nation Soccer editorial staff including The Big Boss Man and Graham MacAree.
  3. There was the "YOU CAN'T WRITE THIE ARTICLE BECAUSE YOU SUPPORT SPURS/la la la I am not listening/we are too a big club, you are just biased/other miscellaneous rubbish" group.

While the first group tended to stay largely above the fray the comment battle between the editorial staff and "those other guys -- who it should be noted were probably not representative of all Arsenal fans, many of whom are kind, intelligent, and thoughtful people (for serious) -- fought it out and it was like Foreman vs Ali. And much like Foreman/Ali, it featured one party (lets call them the Ryan is evil group) throwing a ton of heavy clumsy punches that made no sense and another party (the SB Nation Soccer editorial staff) being completely unaffected by the poor attacks, dancing around them deftly and landing a few snappy, but polite counter punches.

If you don't want to go back and read through all the comments over at The Short Fuse, it was a lot like this. Oh, except it was completely utterly, almost awkwardly professional, and instead of George Lucas we have internet commenters who I am sure meant well.

Keeping all of that in mind I give you the "news"

Hazard Talks Up Moving To England Again, But Not To Spurs This TIme- Sky Sports

You just had to say that, didn't you.

Charlton Knock Spurs Out Of FA Youth Cup- London 24

It sounds like our kids, including Souleymane, played well, but just couldn't put it all together. I would have hoped for a deeper run in the tournament, but our youth team has had a great season so far. Hopefully this is just a speed bmp in the road.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Arsenal Are Still Me Top Club- The Short Fuse

The Short Fuse's own pdb, who has a way more ridiculous man of mystery persona than I do, responds to the hubbub caused by irrational, biased, unethical moron Ryan Rosenblatt. It's a good read.

VIDEO: Mehmet Topal Scores From A Light-Year Away- SB Nation Soccer

I am very glad I say this after it happened. I am like 75% sure that if I watched that live I would have pooped my pants.

Valencia Injures Hamstring In Amsterdam- The Busby Babe

Tell me that when you don't forget for a moment that he was playing against Ajax and think of a scenario that is more sorted, so to speak.