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Tim Leiweke Squashes AEG Tottenham Takeover Rumors

AEG has moved quickly to deny any interest in buying Tottenham Hotspur. A report from the Express that the company was in discussions to purchase the club began the speculation, but AEG president Tim Leiweke has come and told the AP that any report that AEG are "interested in or has been negotiating for the purchase of Tottenham are completely untrue."

Of course, AEG would deny any reports even if they were in discussions. Everything in any deal is always denied until that deal is done, but tagain, this was just a rumor this morning with no sources so we weren't working off of a whole lot to begin with.

Leiweke went on to say that AEG have "a very good business and personal relationship with Tottenham and have been involved with a number of transactions over the years. However at no time have we had a desire to purchase that club."

Again, it is exactly what you would expect from AEG and Leiweke so no surprises here. Even with the denial, don't close the book on this. Just like it was silly to put too much stock into the Express' report this morning, it would be silly to put too much stock in a basic denial.

An AEG purchase still makes a lot of sense from a Tottenham standpoint, a Joe Lewis standpoint and an AEG standpoint. This passes the logic test. Of course, we also only have a single rumor so passing a logic test isn't nearly enough to expect this to happen. It is just one of those things that we can see happening eventually and nothing more.