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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links February 2, 2012

Look at the monster!
Look at the monster!

Happy Thursday Spursland! No more transfer rumors till summer, Harry's trial creeps on and all I want is theweekend. The weekend and to show Andy Carroll how real football is played. Get a haircut you hippie!

And now the "news"

Kaboul Welcomes Saha Signing- Sky Sports

This is just another reason why you can't trust he French. Yeah, I went there Nicholas Sarkozy. What are you and your debt crippled country going to do about it? Yeah, I thought so.

Ryan Nelsen Was A Few Days Away From Assistant Coaching In MLS- 3 News

So if "Ry Guy" here hadn't been able to secure a move to a title contender in one of the big three leagues he would be a player coach for DC United. As a fan of both teams, I can say that this knowledge baffles me. It makes zero sense. You don't go from bit player role in MLS to quality cover for a top four EPL team. It does not happen.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Rioting Kicked Off At Major Egyptian Derby, Death Toll At Least 73- SB Nation Soccer

The video speaks for itself. It is awful and I really cannot find the words to describe how I feel as a football fan.

Mancini Takes The Blame-Bitter And Blue

I like it when a coach takes the blame when he makes mistakes. I don't think that it shows that they are a bad coach or are weak. I think it shows that they are aware enough of what is going on in their organization to know that they are the one that screwed up and I think it signals that the issues that caused a loss are much more likely to be addressed. Props to you, you dapper, dapper Italian.

Spurs Vs Wigan: Match Report- Pie Eaters Footie

A glance at how the other half lives.