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Steven Pienaar says Harry Redknapp was almost a big fat meanie!

Big smile!
Big smile!

Steven Pienaar has gone on loan to Everton, and he will play for them for the rest of the season. Giovani dos Santos and Niko Kranjcar are both fit and already not playing very often, so this is probably not a big deal for us from a footballing perspective. Pienaar wasn't going to play much this year and Everton probably made it worth our while. But apparently, he almost didn't go, because Harry Redknapp is a big fat meanie. From Sky Sports:

"I was at a game and I was on the bench. After the game I went to see the gaffer to ask him if it was possible I could go somewhere because I need to play some football. At first he said no, I can't go. It was the most stressful moment. I had to push him to get him to say yes, and eventually it happened just 10 minutes before time. I was watching the game and wanting to get on, but in the meantime I was watching the clock and hoping it would slow down a little."

What Stevie P forgot, in his pain and suffering, is that Daniel Levy always gets ish done. He's not a businessman, he's a business, man. Let him handle his business, damn.