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Harry Redknapp Finally Loses His Cool In Tax Evasion Trial

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It would seem that the trial that doesn't end (yes, it goes on and on my friend) has finally gotten to Harry Redknapp. According to various sources, Redknapp finally lost it when the prosecutor in the case accused him of outright lying. According to ESPN Soccernet:

Harry Redknapp fought back tears in court on Thursday as he fiercely denied telling his tax evasion trial "a pack of lies". The football boss shouted from the witness box at prosecutor John Black QC: "You think I put my hand on the bible and told lies? That's an insult, Mr Black, that's an insult."

The line of questioning that saw Redknapp accused of being a liar came during cross-examination. This trial has lasted for two weeks and we still will not see a verdict until next Tuesday. This whole thing is very stupid. Harry Redknapp will not go to jail, he will have to pay his taxes and that will be all.

As a law student in America, I find the legal system in the UK very odd. I know there are some members of the commentariat that are lawyers, at least one that, I believe, is actually a trial attorney, so maybe they can shed some light on the trial process, but probably not because England is weird.