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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 20, 2012

Everybody is trying to be like me
Everybody is trying to be like me

Happy Monday Spursland! I wouldn't want to be Brian Mechanick today. While studying in England he is about to discover the nations unique weather patterns. I'd bring an umbrella, bro.

And now the "news"

We Might Be Screwed For The North London Derby- Sky Sports


Dos Santos To Espanyol Says Crap "News" Report- Inside Futtbol

It would be really great if this was likely, but since the author of this "news" report couldn't be bothered to include supporting information like any quotes at all.

Oscar To Shamrock Rovers For Loan-

I have to ask, why? The Irish league isn't exactly high level ball. Were there no opportunities to get loans anywhere else? You may as well loan the kid to Scotland.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

St. James Park Returns For One Night Only- SB Nation Soccer

Somebody buy that fan a beer. Like a beer every 20 minutes for the rest of his life. This in a nutshell explains exactly what I define as a big club. Big clubs are not big because they are successful on the field; big clubs are big because of the fans. The passion, that's what it is all about. Because when we go to games what we love the most is not the winning or the losing. It is the togetherness. It is the shared identity. Newcastle is at St. James' Park and you can put your billboard up on the side of the stadium all you want, but that does not change the fact that it is St. James' Park.

Arsene Wenger: The End Of An Era- The Short Fuse

The Short Fuse examines the Arsenal gaffer's lack of tactical sophistication, or as I would put it, dumbness.

Lets Talk About The Europa League- Coming Home Newcastle

Them there Geordie boys break down the financial gains of Europa League games. It is surprisingly lame.

Positive Stadium News For DC United- Black And Red United

This one is for our special friend Brian Mechanick and his Philadelphia brethren who love to scream that DC United are moving to Baltimore. Yeah, that's right, not yet. It turns out you were wrong so suck it!