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Former Spur Says He Would Like To Be Next Tottenham Manager

Gus wants in
Gus wants in

So if/when Harry Redknapp takes the England job in the summer, Tottenham will have at least one person interested in taking over at White Hart Lane. Gus Poyet says he wants to return to Spurs and take over as manager if the job becomes available. If this ever happens, cue the outrage and intrigue.

"I would like to be considered for big jobs because that is what I am managing for," Poyet told the Daily Star when asked about the Spurs job. "I would like to get to the Premier League. I always said six years should do it for me.

"I have a long-term contract here and I will try here, but if I can't I will need to move on. I try to be honest. I was at Tottenham as an assistant but I couldn't make decisions and I like to make decisions.

"I am grateful to Juande Ramos. It was a great learning, but my character makes me like to make decisions all the time. Spurs chairman Daniel Levy knows me well so he wouldn't get someone he didn't know."

Poyet isn't a big name in managing and his hire wouldn't make many Tottenham fans happy. With the Champions League looming, Spurs want more. They want a proven, experienced manager, but you can't ignore how interesting it would be with Poyet in charge.

The former Chelsea and Tottenham player steered Brighton and Hove Albion to safety after taking over in November 2009 and then in his first season, Poyet earned League 1 Manager of the Year honors for leading his club to promotion. Now he has the Seagulls only two points out of the promotion playoff in the Championship too.

As far as new managers go, Poyet is among the more exciting and promising ones in England, who many are pegging to be in charge of a top club in the Premier League before long. That he has a Spurs connection is just that much better and while he is not the type of manager anyone really wants Spurs to hire if they need a replacement for Harry Redknapp in the summer, you can't deny how intriguing it would be to hire someone like Poyet. But seriously, that kind of intrigue is for other clubs to take a chance on. Not the club that gives me heart attacks.