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Tottenham Have Found Their Goalkeeper Of The Future Because...

"Pick me!"
"Pick me!"

If you want to believe the ever reliable Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette, Here is the City, Club Call and Bleacher Report, Harry Redknapp has made Tim Krul Tottenham's top target for this summer! This is especially fantastic because Brad Friedel is 41 years old and Spurs are going to need a new goalkeeper sooner rather than later. A 23-year-old like Krul who is one of the best in the Premier League? Sign him up!

The basis for these reports that Krul is coming to Spurs see, they talk about how...this source said that...but there is this quote that says. Well, there is no basis. You know, basic reporter-y things like sources and quotes, but it is happening! To make it even better, it is happening for the bargain basement price of free! At least that is what I'm led to believe because there is no price listed. Tim Krul, come on down!

In reality, Krul would be a fantastic signing for Spurs. Friedel has been strong this season and might be good next season, but the more years he goes on, the more likely it is that the next season is the one where age finally wins. As Branch Rickey once said (altered to make it applicable to football), "it is better to get rid of a player one year too early than one year too late."

If Spurs do go looking for a new goalkeeper, they couldn't do much better than Krul. As mentioned, he is young and one of the better goalkeepers in the league so the ridiculous insistance on "Premier League proven" actually works.

Newcastle slapped a £15 million price tag on Krul in January, but that was more of a "hands off" valuation than anything; although, Spurs would be wise to move on him before Euros in the unlikely event that he passes up Maarten Stekelenberg as the Netherlands number one and sees his price skyrocket. If Tottenham can find a way to snag him for £10 million or less, he would be a brilliant signing. Far more brilliant than unsourced reports without a quote or anything of substance to be found.