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Gareth Bale's Future Remains At Tottenham Thanks To Barcelona

It's a good thing Weezus looks good in white
It's a good thing Weezus looks good in white

BREAKING NEWS: Gareth Bale will still be with Tottenham next season.

On Tuesday, Barcelona vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu finally came out and what what many people had already assumed. The club does not have the money to pay exorbitant money for any players this summer. That whole debt thing is catching up with them, kind of. They're not in any financial trouble, but they can't spend lavishly on any new players.

That means that the reports of Bale or anyone else, like Robin van Persie, joining Barcelona are false. The money just isn't there.

"Those players are very good, but we always need common sense in any negotiations," Bartomeu said. "We will not enter the madness market but it is impossible for Barcelona to pay 40 or 50 million Euros for any player."

With Barcelona out of the race for Bale, there is nowhere for him to go. With the super expensive price tag that Tottenham have rightly thrown on the winger, there were only a handful of clubs that could have even bid on him to start with and when filtering out those who have left wing covered and other basic logic things, Barcelona were the only club left that even kind of made sense. Now they're out. You can write Bale's name into your Spurs team sheet in pen for next year.

Now that Bale will remain a Spur, and assumedly Rafael van der Vaart will too, it's hard to see why Tottenham would be interested in Eden Hazard. There is no doubt he is a fantastic young player and he would be an asset to any team, but he's an expensive asset and Spurs aren't a club printing money. He also doesn't have a place in a team with Bale and van der Vaart, so why does this make sense again?

Back to the key news, Bale is a Spur and will remain a Spur. Welsh Jesus lives on at White Hart Lane.