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Contribute to the Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag, Yo.

Gary F'Ing Smith
Gary F'Ing Smith

Fresh pod coming at you crazy kids tomorrow afternoon. Three Words. North. London Derby. Yup, we'll be previewing this battle for the heart of North London extensively on the Pod. We have some exciting news on the Northumberland Development project, so that's on the docket as well. Expect a heavy dose of complaining about Stevenage, Gary Smith, and whatever else tips our fancy.

You know we need our listeners toe come in strong with some great questions for the mailbag. We got our secret English weapon Ed Francis back on the pod. If you want to tip him off into a ranting spree, just mention anything about Stuart Pearce's England selections. Otherwise, we're happy to discuss whatever transfer rumors you want to bring across for us, or just anything that inspires you guys.

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