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Tottenham Have Eyes For A Pair Of Young Ajax Stars

We knew about Jan Vertonghen. Is Christian Eriksen also a realistic target?
We knew about Jan Vertonghen. Is Christian Eriksen also a realistic target?

Sometimes we would all be better off if the things that papers wrote with no sources or quotes (i.e. they made them up) were real. This is one of those instances. According to absolutely nobody that we would be inclined to believe, especially considering the reports, Tottenham Hotspur are going to make a run at Jan Vertonghen and Christian Eriksen this summer. In Candyland, where these reports are real, yippee!

Goal is reporting that Tottenham representatives were at Ajax's Europa League first leg against Manchester United in Amsterdam to check out Vertonghen and Harry Redknapp was set to head to Old Trafford last night to watch the center back in the second leg. Considering Spurs could use a young center back and someone to anchor the defense when Ledley King is hurt, the 24-year-old Belgian international would be perfect. The report gets better, though. Apparently, the club is ready to lodge a £10 million bid for him in the summer, which would be a bargain if he proves to be the defensive pillar many people (me included) thinks he will be.

Sticking with Ajax, Spurs are also apparently keeping their eye on Eriksen, if Fans FC's unsourced and unquoted report is to be believed. The report suggests that Eriksen would be a fallback option if the club cannot sign Eden Hazard. Considering Eriksen would cost at least £15 million and maybe £20 million, that's an expensive fallback plan. It's okay, though, because the Dane is really good and just 20 years old. The attacking midfielder has a rocket of a shot and is one of the better passers in a highly skilled Eredivisie. Not too shabby.

So there you have it. Tottenham are signing up Vertonghen and Eriksen, which is incredible because both would be massive boosts to the club. Watch out, Premier League, Spurs are competing for the title next year. And, exiting Candyland.