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Jan Vertonghen Scouted By Redknapp: Why He Fits

Jan Vertonghen: On Harry's Watch List?
Jan Vertonghen: On Harry's Watch List?

All our super legit sources (AKA the sketchy ones) say that Harry Redknapp was in Old Trafford last night scouting Ajax centerback Jan Vertonghen. Obviously, the idea that Tottenham will bid for Vertonghen is straight speculation at this point. Even still, there's many reasons why Tottenham would be wise to be after Vertonghen.

The acquisition of a young talented centerback is perhaps the biggest need at Tottenham Hotspur besides getting a long-term option at striker. William Gallas is an afterthought at this point, Ledley King is constantly injured, Michael Dawson has battled health problems, and Steven Caulker has yet to prove himself in a Spurs shirt. Younes Kaboul is perhaps the only consistent long-term option at centerback for Spurs.

In Vertonghen, Tottenham would find a versatile, talented young center back who is a rising star in both Belgium and Holland. Captain at only 24 for Ajax, Vertonghen is a calm and composed leader for the Amsterdam side's defense. Vertonghen is versatile as well, able to fill in at left back or defensive midfield in a pinch.

Perhaps the biggest factor in Vertonghen's potential addition is that he would provide a defender with a skill on the ball lacking from Tottenham. Vertonghen is a defender of a different class, raised in the rich Belgian generation of Vincent Kompany, Thomas Vermaelen, and Daniel van Buyten. Except for a healthy Ledley King, there would be no defender with the class of Vertonghen.

Expect no move to come soon, but Jan Vertonghen would be an excellent acquisition for Tottenham Hotspur.