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Introducing A New Staff Member

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You guys may have noticed that I forget to do things with Facebook and that our Twitter feed can resemble an RSS reader at times. These things happen partially because I'm really busy and don't have a lot of time to manage those things and partially because I'm a forgetful idiot.

I think that Facebook and Twitter are really cool. Too many sites and individuals just throw stuff in there and hope that they'll get referral traffic, but that's not really what either site is for. They're for sharing cool things and interacting with people, and that's what I want to use them for. So, I found someone who is better at this than I am and who has more time.

Starting today, the Twitter and Facebok accounts for Cartilage Free Captain are run by long-time site member Willman. He's been a commenter since the site started and he expressed an interest in helping out with how we use social media, so we've brought him aboard. You'll still see myself, Ryan and Brian on there from time to time, but more likely than not, if you see something on either site Monday - Friday, it came from Willie.

And of course, just a reminder if you don't already to like Cartilage Free Captain on Facebook and follow @CFCaptain on Twitter. They're going to be much better run going forward.