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Pre-Derby Chatter: Episode 3, Tottenham's Defense Vs. Arsenal's Attack With The Short Fuse

Will Michael Dawson start against Arsenal?
Will Michael Dawson start against Arsenal?

For the third time this week, I rang up Ted Harwood of SB Nation's Arsenal blog The Short Fuse on Skype and recorded our call. We talked about Tottenham Hotspur's defense, the current fitness situation with the back line, and who might start the North London Derby for Spurs. He asks a bit about the 3-5-2 we played against Stevenage and I explain why it wasn't a trial run for the Arsenal game.

Later, we get into the Arsenal attackers and who Arsene Wenger might pick. We kind of waffle a bit between who we think should play and who we think Wenger's going to select, and do a little bit of talking about what holes Tottenham's seemingly excellent defense might have for the Gunners to exploit.

Left click to listen in your browser, right click and "save target as" to download.

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