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Arsenal Vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Odds For The North London Derby

The bookies say this one is just about a toss up
The bookies say this one is just about a toss up

The only thing better than football (or all sports for that matter) is gambling on football and as Tottenham Hotspur get ready to take on Arsenal in the second North London Derby of the season, we see odds that are a little shocking. Despite the match being the Emirates, the odds on a Tottenham win are almost even with the odds of an Arsenal win.

  • Arsenal 6/4
  • Draw 12/5
  • Tottenham 7/4
It's tough to remember a time when Spurs were almost as good a bet to win as Arsenal in a match between the two not at White Hart Lane. Heck, the number of times that Spurs were this good a bet to beat Arsenal at White Hart Lane in the last decade could be counted on one hand.

The tantalizing number there is probably the draw at 12/5. There haven't been many draws between the two teams in recent years, but one game last year ended with the points being split. So many recent matches were close one-goal wins that required a late goal or a great late save to avoid the draw, though, that common sense says the teams are due for another one. That or toss $100 on Spurs and stroke your supporters ego (like I did). Nobody will blame you.