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Arsenal Vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Reaction

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You're not getting a full match report today. I'm sure you'll forgive me. I saved all of my notes and I'll be writing tomorrow.

It goes without saying that Tottenham Hotspur were an embarrassment today. Arsenal looked tentative in the first five minutes and we took advantage. They were then the better side for the following 85 minutes. We got a second goal because Thomas Vermaelen sucks, Luka Modric can pass and Gareth Bale is fast. When the two teams went into halftime tied 2-2, I felt like the score flattered Spurs.

Harry's subs at halftime looked fine. We needed some steel in the midfield and Rafa's creativity. The subs resulted in Bale moving to the right for some fucking half-witted reason. That totally screwed us and we never had a chance of getting back into the game with Bale doing anything but playing left wing. Sandro's 45 minutes were the opposite of his performance against AC Milan last year. He looked rattled and not ready for the occasion.

And then, the anomalies. Theo Walcott had his first good game since 2008. Tomas Rosicky looked like he was 26 again. Ledley King and Younes Kaboul were poor. These are all things that usually do not happen.

Full credit to Arsenal. They were the much better team and they finished their chances. They didn't dive, bitch at the referees, get lucky, etc. They were just the much better team.

Harry Redknapp made mistakes and the players looked lifeless for 85 minutes, but we're still in third. We're still favorites for third. Let's move on.