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Poorly Managed Or Not, Tottenham's Loss Was Not On Harry Redknapp

It wasn't Harry's finest day, but it wasn't his fault
It wasn't Harry's finest day, but it wasn't his fault

In the aftermath of the debacle at the Emirates, some moved quickly to lay the blame for Tottenham's loss on Harry Redknapp. The tactics left the team at a numerical disadvantage in the center and the team was shockingly narrow, never really threatening Arsena's outside backs. Toss in the curious substitutions and decision to make the team even narrower and there are plenty of reasons to look curiously at Redknapp. Blaming the manager is always the easy move. Let's be completely honest here, though. It didn't really matter what he did on Sunday.

The Spurs players -- even when they had time and before they were trailing in the same -- were a complete mess from the start. The first goal was just a product of terrible defending and the second goal was a good individual play by Luka Modric and then Gareth Bale being fast. Besides that, where was the quality? Scott Parker had by far his worth match of his stint with Spurs, Niko Kranjcar was invisible and Kyle Walker couldn't play a decent ball in. Ledley King and Younes Kaboul couldn't mark simple runs and looked downright scared. Sandro was a chicken with his head cut off when he came in and Benoit Assou-Ekotto gave the ball away with regularity.

You could argue that it is Redknapp's responsibility to get his players ready to play and their mistakes are his responsibility. You could argue that the players were not in the right position to succeed so their failings were Redknapp's fault for his not putting them in good place, but let's cut it.

Tottenham just played horribly. The players played horribly. Tactics do not matter when you can't complete simple passes and tactics do not matter when you can't keep your head about you. Nobody is going to defend Redknapp's tactics as good, but good tactics were not saving this match. At some point the players need to play and when they don't nothing else matters. The players simply had a shocker.