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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 28, 2012

I am so out of here
I am so out of here

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Why is there en exclamation point on the end of that greeting? Nothing is ever good about Tuesdays that doesn't involve Dominos. As some of you may have noticed that positivity that I found during the fall and winter has been completely shattered by the North London Derby. Allow me to reintroduce myself, hello my name is Cynical Roosevelts.

And now the "news"

Parker Named Player Of The Year Award- Sky Sports

How big of an asshat do you think ol' Scotty felt like while holding up that award just days after he took a big steaming dump on the pitch?

Spurs Recall Adam Smith From Loan- Sky Sports

A few things can be taken away from this. First off, Spurs think it is hilarious to dick over Leeds. Townsend just up and left there like yesterday after being a Yorkshire superstar since going on loan there in January. And remember that time when Leeds spent all their money way back when and had to go and sell everyone? Then Spurs bought Aaron Lennon and Robbie Keane from them for cut rate prices? Spurs management must be just cackling with laughter about this. Hey Leeds, you need some help on the wing? Well, we would love to get these guys some playing time. What's that? You love having them? Well F U, we want them back right now. Have fun twisting in the wind. It also says something either about the faith the team has in Adam Smith being greater than the faith they have in Kyle Naughton, who is currently on loan at Norwich.What does it mean? I don't know. Feel free to have a wild speculation party in the comments.

Arsenal Keeper Who's Name I Refuse To Spell Thinks Arsenal Will Finish Above Spurs- The Guardian

I firmly believe that Arsene Wagner's personality is rubbing off on his players, just like your dog starts to act exactly like you after he has lived with you for three or four days. So in this case, smug alert.

Michael Cox Calls Out English Clubs For Losing The Ability To Play Defense- The Guardian

So I guess it is trendy now to claim that English teams can't play defense. And to think, I was just getting into complaining about how they don't posses the passing creativity to compete in Europe. Does this mean that ironic mustaches are out too?

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Portlandia Does The Timbers Army- SB Nation Soccer

I had heard good things about Portlandia and had planned on giving it a shot some time this summer when I have nothing but time on my hands, then I watched this. I will accept your hate rants now scenesters.

Please Welcome The SB Nation Youtube Channel- SB Nation Soccer

Features all kinds of original content and hopefully some adoracute animals, maybe. Get on that shit, Ryan!

MLS Imposes TIFO Restrictions On Huoston Dynamo Fans After Events At MLS Cup- SB Nation Soccer

I am very glad to see this happen. While I am an active member of an MLS supporter group and in the past have been critical of stadium personal who I felt have mistreated me and my friends, this is a completely necessary ban. I, like most of you, think flares and the like look badass, but they lead to dumb overly dangerous shit and they need to be restricted. I have personally seen a situation where opposing supporters, I won't say which team, tried to light the stadium on fire with flares. It escalated quickly and a close friend of mine who had been drinking decided to go to their section to fight them, alone. He was intercepted by police before he got there and everyone was "MLS arrested," which is when you are cuffed by the police and then turned loose outside the stadium and are never charged. It ended peacefully, but it could have been very bad. Props to MLS for steeping up.

Fulham Present Desgins For Craven Cottage Update- SB Nation Soccer

Outside of White Hart Lane, Craven Cottage might be my favorite stadium in the EPL to watch games at. It is great to see them maintain the look of the ground in these plans.

VIDEO: Long Tan Makes Himself Look Like A Douche On A PK- SB Nation Soccer

I'd hate to break it to you, but only people as good as, say Zidane, should be chipping PK's and if you play in MLS, that ain't you.