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Scott Parker Wins Vauxhall England Player of the Year

Ah, good memories of Scotty
Ah, good memories of Scotty

If you're wondering why no one posted this yesterday, it's because I was still kind of mad at Scott Parker. If you listened to the podcast, you know that Brian Mechanick is still mad at Scott Parker. But now I'm over the Arsenal game and ready to move on. Because of that, I am happy to pass on the news that Parker was named the Vauxhall England Player of the Year.

The award was determined by a fan vote and Parker narrowly beat out Joe Hart and Ashley Young. Here's what he had to say about winning the award:

"It's a great honour, just looking at the names that are on the trophy it's quite an achievement. It's a proud moment for me. When you feel the fans are appreciating what you've done, it's extra special. It's been a good year for me at international level so I'm delighted the fans have picked me."

Obviously the timing of the award was a bit funny, as it was awarded after Parker's worst performance since...well, he would probably tell you that it was one of the couple worst of his career. Parker has been absolutely brilliant this season and last however, for Tottenham, West Ham and England, and he deserves the award. He'll be back in absolutely brilliant form soon enough.