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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 29, 2012

The only thing that is "massive" about this team are my jowls.
The only thing that is "massive" about this team are my jowls.

Happy Humpday Spursland! Today we cover the continuing trend of the asskissery Spurs have been encountering around the EPL in the last week. I know I am not alone in feeling weird about it so do us a favor other clubs, if you don't have anything mean and contrived to say about us, please keep it to yourself.

And now the "news"

Man Utd. Must Survive "Massive" Spurs Match, Says Fergie- The Guardian

What the hell is going on here? First Captain Consonant basically calls Spurs Barcelona and now Sir Alex is talking like he is running scared of us. When did we become the Death Star? And if we are the Death Star then that makes Man Utd. Alderaan. And If Man U Is Alderaan then that makes Fergie the most unattractive Princess Leia ever and I don't care what outfit Jabba the Hut sticks his old ass in.

Keane Wants Harry For England- Sky Sports

Hey, Pipe down your turncoat! Nobody cares what you think anyway. All that California sun has probably made your head go all funny Either that or you have blown your wages on that massive sunblock bill. You have got Irish skin like me pal and I know you are just like me when you go into the drug store to buy sun block SPF 50, minimum.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

Hopefully, MLS Supporters Groups Will Learn From Houston's Mistakes- SB Nation Soccer

For more on the matter of supporters group issues please see yesterday's Hoddle.

RUMOR: Lukas Podolski Agrees To Personal Terms With Arsenal- The Short Fuse

So I guess the annual Podolski to Spurs tradition is least for awhile. These changing times are so sad.

UEFA, Clubs Teams Agree To Reduce International Fixtures From 12 To Nine Next Year- SB Nation Soccer

This is great for people like me who feel guilty for not caring enough to watch the meaningless national team games in November that have no bearing on qualifying for any competition. It is also a BIG win for clubs and a big defeat for UEFA in terms of the shifting the balance of power in European football.