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Gareth Bale Snags Premier League Player Of The Month Honors

Bale's award is even better than a boot
Bale's award is even better than a boot

Your Premier League Player of the Month for January is Tottenham's Gareth Bale (applause). Wait, I'm sorry. Correction for the corporate sellout in me. Your Barclays Player of the Month is Bale (applause, but a bit less than the first time). This is the second time that Bale has won Player of the Month, first capturing the award in April 2010.

"It's always nice for it to be recognized when you've been playing well," said Gareth. "The team has been playing well and I'm just happy to be playing my part in that."

January was one of Bale's better months, highlighted by his fantastic goal against Manchester City. He also added a couple goals against Wigan and gave West Brom fits at the start of the month. This is certainly an award well deserved

Bale will undoubtedly bring his trophy home to his mum and she will make him some delicious soup as a reward, which is very different than what a couple Spurs did with their ____ of the Month awards back in November. Scott Parker won Player of the Month honors then and used it to help recruit more people to time travel back to 1943 and join the Royal Air Force, while Harry Redknapp sold his Manager of the Month trophy to buy himself bacon sandwiches in court.