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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links February 6, 2012

Keep that mouth shut
Keep that mouth shut

Happy Spursday Spursland! Super Bowl Sunday is over and done and we can all be thankful that today were are lucky enough to have Spurs vs. Liverpool to wash the taste out of our mouths left by one Madonna. To our English readers who didn't watch the event in question, please don't. For those that did, please do not judge Americans based on that pile of self-indulgence.

Stevie P Believes Modric Will Try To Leave In The Summer- Sky Sports

It seems that ever since our South African friend got back to Everton he has gotten real comfortable and started letting his gums flap. The dude is only on loan. Maybe don't go blabbing about all of the team's inner workings. Don't want to burn those bridges just yet.

Suarez Returns, But May Not Start Against Spurs- The Guardian

Perhaps the most easy-to-see-through attempt at misdirection I have ever seen.

VIDEO: Sandro Is From The Cobra Kai -Danger Here

So I guess he is really being carful to not reinsure himself.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Exits Meant For Al-Alhy Fans Possibly Were Welded Shut- SB Nation Soccer

How deep does the rabbit hole go with this? The more we learn about the events leading up to and during the riot the more outrageous the story becomes.

VIDEO: Worst Penalty Ever Taken- SB Nation Soccer

Banana peel!

Spelling Not Important At Stamford Bridge-SB Nation Soccer

As someone who could barely be called literate I feel for whoever screwed that up.