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Tottenham Hotspur Loves Children And Education...And A New Stadium

It's for the kids!
It's for the kids!

Forget the 56-59,000 seats. Forget the shops and restaurants. Even forget all those sponsorships and that money. You know why Tottenham Hotspur want to build a new stadium, right? For the kids! Yup, Spurs' new stadium could come with a space for a free sport-based school so them kids can get all smarticle and what not!

"Tottenham Hotspur Football Club believes that education has the potential to play an important role in the new Stadium redevelopment and could bring great benefit to the wider community," the club said in a statement. "The club has been approached by groups and organisations who are interested in exploring the opportunities on the Spurs site but is not endorsing any one particular proposal at this time and is keen to explore all the options before committing to anyone.

"All options for education provision will be considered in the context of club’s vision and ethos, the community benefit and financial viability."

All of those things related to football and money never really made sense. Why build a new stadium just for the cash? But for kids? That £400 million expense suddenly seems justified. And who says football is out of touch with the common folk and the community? £400 million says Spurs loves kids.

There is no word on whether or not Harry Redknapp will attend classes.