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Jury Still Not Sure Whether Or Not Harry Redknapp Is A Tax Evader

He can't even spell "Jamie Redknapp".
He can't even spell "Jamie Redknapp".

Harry Redknapp still might or might not go to jail. He still might or might not be a tax evader. We say this because, after four hours of deliberations, the jury has been sent home to sleep on it. Presumably, this means that the jury is not totally convinced one way or the other. Harry Redknapp could still go to jail or not go to jail. He'll probably owe the government a bunch of money no matter what.

During this trial, we have learned some awesome things. We learned that Harry does not know how to read and cannot fill out the team sheet by himself. He knew that everyone in the country had to pay income tax, but apparently didn't know exactly what constitutes "income" and what is "taxed". He said he would pay all of the taxes he supposedly owes.

We've also learned that Milan Mandaric and Harry Redknapp are weird guys, and that they had a weird professional relationship. I have no idea what, if anything, any of this crap has to do with Harry Redknapp's chances of staying out of prison. I was on vacation when the trial started and I know nothing about British law.

As of tomorrow, we could be looking for a new manager. Or we could be all back to normal.