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Free From Prison, Harry Has The England Job In His Sights

Free from prison, 'Arry is now eying England
Free from prison, 'Arry is now eying England

Harry Redknapp is a free man and will remain so until an inability to spell becomes a crime, but how much longer will he be at White Hart Lane? The focus in the last few months has been on Harry's tax evasion case and rightfully so. The manager of the English Premier League's third place club was facing possible jail time. That was always going to be the focus, but now going forward, Spurs need to focus on their new reality. A reality that their manager might leave them, not for prison, but for England.

This isn't a radical suggestion by any means. Ever since The FA decided that an Englishman will be England's next manager because ENGLAND! (doesn't have quite the same ring as MURICAH!), Harry has been the favorite to win the job when Fabio Capello steps down this summer. After all, if not Harry, the options are Sam Alardyce, Stuart Pearce and Roy Hodgson. It's not exactly a sterling group.

The problem with hiring Harry has been his court case. He has been facing jail time for three years now and even if he avoiding jail time, it would be difficult to hire a man convicted of tax evasion to lead that country's football team. Harry's been cleared now though. He was found not guilty of all charges and in the eyes of the law and the country, he is an innocent man. There are no longer any barriers to his being named England manager, a job he has admitted to coveting.

So Harry's free and clear now and he go back to being a wheeler and dealer. Excuse me, "a fucking football manager." Spurs can get back on the straight and narrow and look to secure a third, or maybe even second place finish, but all is not calm at White Hart Lane. Don't forget. England is looming.