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Tottenham Legend David Ginola Reportedly Hospitalized After Skiing Accident

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There are currently conflicting reports across the internet, so we'll give you what seems to be reported consistently. According to multiple reports -- the most reliable of which that I can located is from Eurosport -- legendary Tottenham Hotspur winger David Ginola was involved in a skiing accident in France. He was reportedly taken to the hospital.

This is more or less the extent of what multiple outlets are confirming. There are currently rumors flying around less reputable sites and twitter that his injuries are extremely serious. Obviously, it would be inappropriate to report that and disrespectful to Ginola and his family. So, until someone that is well-recognized as reputable reports it, please refrain from discussing the rumors about Ginola's condition here.

For those who don't know, Ginola won the PFA Player of the Year award while playing for Tottenham in 1999, and he was an integral part of our team that won the League Cup in that year. He's one of the most popular Spurs of the modern era, and he represented France 17 times at international level.