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Ajax Teammate Hops On Jan Vertonghen To Tottenham Bandwagon

Toby Alderweireld knows what's up
Toby Alderweireld knows what's up

All aboard the Jan Vertonghen to Tottenham Hotspur train! Today we have a new passenger, Toby Alderweireld. Vertonghen's defensive partner at Ajax is ready to see the Belgian move to White Hart Lane, at least that's the extra step that the Vertonghen lovers among us are going to take after reading Alderweireld's latest talk with Voetbal International.

"Tottenham Hotspur would be a good club for him," Alderweireld said. "They compete at the top and in a beautiful league and also he would have a good chance to be a starting player."

Apparently Vertonghen's primary concern is playing time, which Spurs can certainly offer him if he plays as well as he has for Ajax and Belgium. With Ledley King aging and without a contract for next year, Michael Dawson not exactly extraordinary and Younes Kaboul not the type of player you build a defense around, there is space for a pillar at the back. Playing time, Tottenham have it.

"For Jan, this is a much more important consideration than just a big bag of money."

See! See! It makes sense. Now it is time for Harry Redknapp to go give Daniel Levy the thumbs up. Levy can then go put a bow on this and Vertonghen will be a Spurs. I can feel the train pulling into the station.