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Everton Vs. Tottenham Hotspur, 2012 Premier League: Spurs Take Deserved Loss

"Sorry, Manny. My fault."
"Sorry, Manny. My fault."

Gareth Bale is not a right-sided midfielder. Luka Modric is not an wide midfielder. Apparently two losses won't teach Harry Redknapp this so maybe a third one will? Either that or someone is going to have to smack him around until he learns it. Once again, Harry tried to get clever and it didn't pan out so Spurs had to take a very deserved 1-0 loss at Everton, their third consecutive loss that puts their Champions League place in jeopardy.

Credit does have to go to Everton, who were very good, especially early on. Tottenham grabbed a better hold of the match in the second half, but the Toffees were very organized and the reality is that the home side could have easily been two or three up at the break instead of just the one.

Everton's goal came thanks to a lovely finish by Nikica Jelavic. A good move eventually saw Leon Osman play the ball across to Jelavic and the former Rangers man finished expertly in his first match at Goodison Park, opening his body and putting the ball into the side netting.

It's tough to remember a match in which Spurs created fewer chances than they did on Saturday at Goodison Park. Jermain Defoe did put the ball in the net once, but he was at least two yards offside and the linesman correctly raised his flag. Louis Saha almost scored too, hitting the post, but Spurs didn't have many other chances.

Spurs had possession and they pushed upfield, but no real idea of how to go forward. There was a lot of passing the ball around 30-40 yards from goal, but possession and passing does not equal attacking. Spurs were not attacking. As much as it sickens me to say it, it was was Arsenal-esque

Of course, a big reason for Spurs inability to attack was the team that Redknapp put out. Bale is one of the world's best left wingers so naturally, he can't play on the left. Modric is one of the best central midfielders in the world so naturally, he can't play centrally. Jake Livermore was the only Spurs player to put in a good shift against Manchester United so naturally, he had to sit on the bench today.

It was ugly and the score doesn't quite tell the story. Meanwhile, Arsenal can get within one and Chelsea are withing four. Fantastic.