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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 12, 2012

"Who knew playing Bale on the left wouldn't work?"
"Who knew playing Bale on the left wouldn't work?"

Screw Mondays, Spursland! It has come to pass and it needs to be said fellow citizens of Spursland. We have lost three straight in the league and we have done this to ourselves. Longtime readers of the Hoddle Of Coffee and the comments section here at Cartilage Free Captain may have noticed that I tend to put a lot of stock in superstition. I am not exactly alone amongst Spurs supporters in this and over the years,I have found that often times these superstitions seem to have been proven. This despite the fact that time and again the team tempts fate and gets punched in the mouth as a result.

This brings us to around a month ago when several articles appeared on this and a few other SB Nation blogs stating that Arsenal were a club in crisis. We laughed. Oh how we, as a group, laughed and ridiculed our rivals for no longer being a big club, for the manager making poor squad selections and for once being better than them. In the back of my mind I thought about how this was tempting the fates to humble us as they always have to those who are smug and superior so I am inclined to ask, have we returned from our lofty, superior, condescending heights up in the clouds down to our place of humble quality here with both feet flat on the earth? I hope so. Now join me in going outside turning round counter clockwise three times, tossing a handful of salt over our shoulders and spitting. Do your duty.

And now the "news"

One Of Those Days For Redknapp- Sky Sports

According to his statements in the article, Harry still thinks he was right to play Bale on the right because we haven't got a wide right player. Enjoy having this guy running the show for you, England!

It's Time For The Cockerel To Sharpen It's Spur- Dear Mr Levy

A state of the union from our sister site. You will want to read this.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump, you might as well read at it can only be more positive than Spurs news

VIDEO: Camilo Sanvezzo Turns The Impact Defense Inside Out- SB Nation Soccer

It's like watching every Messi highlight ever only not as good, but with the same results.

VIDEO: Bill Hamid Is A God Damn Ninja- SB Nation Soccer

Bill Hamid has been turning into one of the best keepers in MLS and this save displays just how good he is. However, the video also is a great example of what it was like watching the game between United and Sporting KC, which was mostly just watching KC display that they are pretty good, but also that the DC back line is complete crap.

VIDEO: Quincy Amarikwa Scores From Disence- SB Nation Soccer

How bad do you think the announcer wants to do some variation of "Amarikwa F&*# Yeah" whenever this guy scores a goal? I am going to guess a ton.