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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 34: Squeaky Bum Time

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The Wheeler Dealer Radio crew is back with another Monday pod on deck. Kevin was partying up La Barra Brava in D.C. this weekend, so Nick Petrilli joins Mechanick and Ed Francis on the show as we delve into Tottenham Hotspur's 1-0 loss away to Everton on Saturday. There's praises for Brad Friedel and wondering about just what to do at centerback. Tactics as always get a thorough investigation, as well as the mystery of taking Luka Modric out of the center and Bale out of the left side.

The table gets evaluated, as we start to wonder how real the risk is that Tottenham could fall out of third place... or even worse the Champions League places. We start to weigh the value of the FA Cup versus league form ahead of Saturday's Cup Quarterfinal against Bolton Wanderers.

We get a breakdown of Harry Kane after Mechanick saw him live Saturday. There's also some Eden Hazard talk, as we look at Spurs' chances of getting the Belgian versus the Mancunian sides. Enjoy!

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