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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 14, 2012

And you guys thought only that guy from Portsmouth was like this
And you guys thought only that guy from Portsmouth was like this

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Spring has officially sprung and that, my friends, can only mean one thing -- a massive movement of gambling that's legality is "questionable." For our English friends, I am talking about the NCAA basketball tournament. Now, I can only assume that people in your country are, like in mine, degenerate gamblers since every website based in the UK is filled with nothing but ads for online casinos. Therefor, I invite you, our readers, to the brainchild of former Cartilage Free Captain editor Bryan Ashlock, the CFC March Madness Pool.There will be no official gambling in this pool so back off, Johnny Law. We are fully legal.

And now the "news"

VIDEO: Baby Van der Vaart Trains At Spurs Lodge, Is Kinda Awesome- 101 Goals

If you want a video that combines what appears to be excellent youth coaching, off the charts levels of adoracute and quality parenting practices then your quest ends right here. What are the age limits before teams can offer pre-contracts?

Hazard Now Batting His Eyelashes At Fergie- The Spurs Web

It's just like high school all over again. The thing you want most in the world finally notices you, but in the end they were just trying to get closer to the taller, cooler dude, who for some reason also sits at your lunch table. Circle of life, bros.

Vertonghen Decides To Act Just Like Hazard And Hints At Arsenal Move- Sky Sports

When it rains, it pours> I suggest that at this point we start building an ark.

What's happening around SB nation after the jump

MLS TV Ratings Fail To Meet Expectations, Still Show Improvement- SB Nation Soccer

Fear not, MLS apologists, for we will not need your services on this issue. While the number of viewers, 82,000, seems paltry, it is important to note several factors contributing to the lower than expected rating. Look, nobody has a clue NBC Sports exists. Without looking, how many of you guys know what channel number it is? How many of you knew it had already launched? Now that you have cheated and looked up what channel number it is, I am betting it is pretty high up there, easily over 100 I bet. While for dedicated, adult male fans that is no obstacle (because we tend to be nerdier and tend to tailor every aspect of our new gadget we bought, like say that 70 inch plasma, to enhance all the other nerdy niche shit we are into), younger viewers tend to be less knowledgeable about things such as schedules (if you have kids, go ask them what time they eat lunch at school. If they are under 17 then I bet they can't answer it) and are more likely to discover the game while channel searching. You lose a lot of potential viewers that way, even if it is just a look-in audience. Once NBC Sports gets more established as a brand the ratings will go up and lets not forget that the rating does display a significant improvement from ratings from games on Fox Soccer.

Arsenal Win Another From Behind- The Short Fuse

Old news, I know, but I just noticed this today. These guys are stilling our bit. This is the blog that makes references to The Wire and is all awesome about it and these guys are being all johnny bandwagon about it as opposed to us, who are like cool and retro and stuff. Scum indeed.

Villa Sign Socceroo- 7500 To Hotle

Slick move by Villa as the versatile attacker gives cover to several spots on the pitch.

Getting Off The Silva Train- Never Manage Alone

Hey, did you know that SB Nation has a fantasy footy blog? Well, now you do and you no longer have any excuses for letting your team sit at the bottom of the table