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Premier League Managers Call Tottenham Kings Of The Attack

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Reason to smile!
Reason to smile!

Did you ever doubt that Tottenham Hotspur were amazingly and horribly attacking? If you did, the managers of the Premier League say you need a new set of eyes.

A poll of Premier League managers turned up Spurs as the league's most attacking side and it wasn't particularly close. The team took 75% of the vote, with Manchester United coming in second and Arsenal third. We now christen White Hart Lane the entertaining football cathedral of England.

Interestingly, Spurs are fourth in the league in goals and are going through a spell of not scoring so it is not exactly clear how the managers determined who was the most attacking. Gareth Bale sure likes to attack and Kyle Walker has never seen a way forward he didn't like. Aaron Lennon is fast, Luka Modric can spring an attack with a pass as well as anyone and Rafael van der Vaart has never been one for defending. Maybe this team is pretty attack-minded after all...when they play in their proper positions.

Okay, okay, enough of the play players here talk. It has been a sad few weeks for Spurs so we will take a smile where we can get it. Spurs are the most attacking team in the league and they are so by a huge margin. Take that, England!