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Someone, Please Teach Tom Huddlestone The Art Of Fro Maintenence

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As we have mentioned before on this site, Tom Huddlestone is growing out his hair. In a bid to raise awareness of his cause to raise money for Cancer Research UK, Huddlestone isn't cutting his hair until he scores his next goal. Huddlestone recently had season-ending ankle surgery, so he won't be doing that for quite some time. He might end up with a Fellaini-esque afro. Or...he might not.

The club website is taking pictures of Huddlestone as his fro comes in, and it's not coming in too well!

Someone needs to teach this man how to get his fro looking big and fluffy and even. It's looking like a bit of a mess at the moment, and I'm sure his missus and his mom aren't too pleased about it. Surely they can find a hair professional for him that can get that fro looking a hell of a lot better than it does now.

Yeah, we're writing about hair. Sorry, but it's really dead right now and I already wrote one 1500 word piece about how crap we are. Click here to donate to Big Tom's cause.