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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 15, 2012

See it's good that I'm old!
See it's good that I'm old!

Happy Thursday, Spursland! Is it Saturday yet? I (and probably more than a few of you) desperately need us to get a win and to move on from this little rough patch. Unfortunately, Saturday is only a cup game. It is the Stoke game on Wednesday that we need to get here. Oh time, you miserable bitch, you.

And now the "news"

England Job Not For The Young Says Harry- Sky Sports

It isn't that a younger person wouldn't be fine to have the England job, per say. It is just that the England job is soooooo perfect for an old fart. You get paid a bunch, but you only really work like maybe a couple of days a month. You get to boss around young wipersnappers and the like. Sounds prefect.

Spurs Lining Up Move For The "New Torres"- Transfer Tavern

Don't let the Torres label fool you. The real trouble coming from this kid isn't that he can't score and is overpriced, but that he is 17 and acting like he should be starting in the first team. He may very well be good enough to play right now, but at 17 you shouldn't be making demands of anyone. Know your role, junior.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Gokhan Inler Scores A Laser For Napoli- SB Nation Soccer

That is a broken foot job, kind of strike.

Blues Brothers? Rangers, Chelsea And The Long Term Damage Of Short Term Thinking- SB Nation Soccer

You really should read this piece, which has a great breakdown of the not always positive links between these two clubs. I'll just tell you this, I thought they were talking about different Blues Brothers

Berbatov Set For United Exit- The Busby Babe

I have always been partial to the surly Bulgarian and I have to say, this is a bit late coming. How you can go from leading the league in scoring to being forced onto the bench? If the guy can't get any playing time then just sell him. Hopefully, we will now get a few more years of seeing him dominate defenses before he rides off into the sunset.