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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 16, 2012

Nothing weird about this image
Nothing weird about this image

Happy Friday, Spursland! Welcome to what just may be the slowest news day in the history of Spurs, but it's Friday so stop turn that frown upside down and other annoying (yet true) cliches!

And now what little "news" there is

Owen Coyle Thinks Spurs Are Favorites For FA Cup- Independent

And has proved that he hasn't been paying attention to anything in weeks.

Help The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation Buy Joining In On The Shirt Auction- Tottenham Hotspur Official Site

It's for a good cause, I hope. I mean, it might be just a slush fund to buy drugs for kids, but probably not. One would assume that the authorities have some pretty good oversight on this stuff so bid on these shirts. You probably aren't finding child drug use.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

Sweet FA- SB Nation Soccer

In this stirring bit of editorializing, Andi Thomas takes the FA out to the woodshed and justifiably bashes them over the head a few times for being poor regulators, semi-racist, ethnocentric and of questionable eyesight. It's glorious.

Podolski May Or May Not Have Had A Medical With Arsenal- The Short Fuse

I want this rumor to be true so badly. The thought of Arsenal spending big money on this guy as the savior of their strike force just leaves me tickled inside. You may be thinking to yourself, "but Podolski is pretty good," and you would be correct, but he is not nearly the player that many have rated him as. He just comes off, to me, as someone who is flexible enough to play up front or on the wing, but he plays them all the exact same way -- straight to the goal, and then kick the ball as hard as he can. I haven't seen a ton of his games, but I have sen enough of the same to know he isn't worth a ton of money.

VIDEO: Stuart Holden Cooking and Grocery Shopping? Stuart Holden Cooking and Grocery Shopping- Lion Of Vienna Suite

You ladies, and statistically speaking around 10% of you dudes, will be interested to know that he cooks dinner while showing Angelina Jolie levels of leg. He also eats a lot of kale.