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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 35: Season Change

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Quick note for you guys fast. I'm going to be traveling around Europe this month, so this is my last WDR show for a while. Ashlock should be resuming his editorial duties next week. Hope my last show of this run is quality, and will hope to write a couple of pieces on the road for you guys.

We've got Ed Francis and I up on the pod for all of your audio enjoyment. It's Cup Week, so we're getting hyped for Tottenham's quartefinal match hosting Bolton Wanderers Saturday. We start off the pod by looking into some of the injuries that have been hurting Tottenham, and look at just how to replace an injured Aaron Lennon. We then get into a lengthy talk about Heurelho Gomes, and just what Tottenham should do with the former starting goalkeeper.

We're then on to an awesome mailbag. Plenty of talk of league vs. cup, free kicks, and just who Tottenham Hotspur should sell this summer. A huge Bolton preview folows. We break down this Bolton team from front to back, talking about their weaknesses and where they are dangerous. We then get on to looking at Tottenham's tactics, who to play and who to rest.

As always, in case you haven't subscribed to the podcast on iTunes yet, please do so here. Here's a direct download link for the podcast so that you can listen to it in your browser if you so desire and if you're interested in the RSS Feed then the link for that is here. Also, follow us @CFCaptain on Twitter and like us on Facebook.