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An Account On The Fabrice Muamba Tragedy From A Journalist At White Hart Lane

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To be honest, it's going to be very hard to move onto writing about football as we did normally until Fabrice Muamba is healthy. We're going to do our best this week to actually write about Tottenham Hotspur, the teams around us in the Premier League, transfer rumors, what have you. We probably all need a distraction, to be honest. We play Stoke on Wednesday the 21, and we'll start caring about it tomorrow. Or at least pretending to.

Guardian journalist Amy Lawrence was at White Hart Lane. Here's a short excerpt from her piece, which I encourage everyone to go read.

It was easily the worst thing I have seen inside a football ground in more than 30 years following the game. As I was not there at Hillsborough or Heysel or Bradford I cannot relay the horror of a multiple tragedy such as those. But other instances which been difficult to watch, such as when a player suffers a career-threatening injury or a crowd inflicts hooliganism on the game, bear no comparison.

I can't imagine what it must have been like to be in the stadium and witness what happened.