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Bolton Could Pull Out Of FA Cup

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Bolton Wanderers have already postponed their match against Aston Villa that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday, and there has not yet been a decision made on whether or not they will play Blackburn Rovers this weekend. At some point, as tragic as it is, Bolton is going to have to start playing matches or start forfeiting them. They can't postpone a couple weeks' worth of matches and get all of them in.

The resumption of Bolton's FA Cup match against Tottenham is tentatively scheduled for the middle of next week, and it's possible that they might pull out of the FA Cup altogether. Personally, I don't think I could go play at White Hart Lane so soon after Muamba's heart attack.

Muamba's health is more important than the FA Cup, but at some point the delays become unfair to the likes of Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers and Chelsea. Bolton is going to need to make the difficult decision to play or withdraw soon, as awful as it sounds.