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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 2, 2012

They must have lost my number.  Why won't they just call.  Other things girls say when a guy doesn't call.
They must have lost my number. Why won't they just call. Other things girls say when a guy doesn't call.

Happy Friday Spursland! Now boys and girls, we gather here today to mourn the loss of both Gareth Bale's hamstring and Tottenham Hotspur's chances at staying in the top 4. As we all know, with Bale out for a significant period of time, only an epic collapse and a return to the days of Juande Ramos is possible. (Editor's note: If Bale is out, which is still maybe not a thing because Goal is rarely a thing.)

And now the panic

Gio's Agent Thinks The Price Tag Spurs Have Placed On Him Is Unreasonable- Inside Futbol

Nobody saw this coming. I bet as soon as this story leaked online the Tottenham front office went into an uproar, full on damage control. Either that or they continued calmly talking about literally anything else.

Why Getting Harry Is Looking Like A Tough Game- The Independent

So according to this, the FA big wigs might want to act sooner rather than later, and even then a deal might be hard to come by. FINE BY ME! Allow me to be the first to not complain about this at all.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Philly Union Fight During Friendly With Costa Rican Side- SB Nation Soccer

The Broad Street Bullies this is not. This is just another example of what I have seen a lot of recently. It's a disturbing trend of dudes growing up and having no idea how to actually fight. I am not saying to go start stealing kids lunch money ,boys and girls. I am just saying that learning how to take and give a punch without looking like a flailing girlie man are worthwhile skills to have. You know, for the Hunger Games. (Editor's note: HUNGER GAMES! And if you steal Jennifer Lawrence from me I will end you.)

Seattle Sounders To Open All 66k Seats For Rivalry Games. It's On- SB Nation Soccer

This may seem trivial, but I don't think it is. This is a big step forward for domestic football here in the States. Sure, we have had large football stadiums open for big games in the past -- like the first Beckham tour or way back in the New York Cosmos era -- but those were fleeting gains and this has more the sound of something that will stick for good. MLS continues to move on up.

Freddy Montero Hits The Perfect Chip Shot- SB Nation Soccer

Oh man, Long Tan is soooo bitter right now.

VIDEO: The Doritos Challenge- Big O And Dukes

Not at all SB Nation or football related, but damn entertaining to watch. Drab T-Shirt, the producer of The Big O And Dukes Show takes on the Doritos Challenge during this week's edition of the show's weekly podcast. Look at those giant lips mow through them corn chips. America! (Editor's note: It's pronounced MURRRRICAH!)