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Harry Redknapp Rubbishes Gareth Bale Hamstring Tear Report

Gareth Bale: Injured, but not with a torn hamstring
Gareth Bale: Injured, but not with a torn hamstring

Gareth Bale does, in fact, have a hamstring issue, but he's not going to be out for a lengthy period of time. Harry Redknapp refuted earlier reports that Bale had torn his hamstring, but did not declare him 100 percent fit for the game against Manchester United. Here are Harry's quotes, after being asked about Bale's injury, via Sky Sports.

"That's absolutely a million miles wrong. He hasn't even got a tear in his hamstring. It's just a little bit tight but it should be okay. It shouldn't be a problem. We will have to wait and see how he is (for the Manchester United game). Hopefully he should be okay."

Coming up later on this site, most likely, endless debates on what we should do if Bale isn't 90 minutes fit! Some will offer practical solutions for the team, while some will suggest sitting in the corner and crying because a loss is now inevitable!

Harry's also said that Kyle Walker and Rafael Van der Vaart should be fit, but that's just half-quotes on twitter. We'll update again when full team news is out.