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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 31: Homegrown Talent

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Our first week of double pods in a minute is here. We have our Friday pod here for your earballs to listen to. Ed was a fancy man about town today, so the two man pod was in effect with Kevin and Mechanick holding court. We started on the International Break. Plenty of talk on Scott Parker's captaincy and England's collapse. We also get into some Sandro talk and our requisite "Where in the World is Giovani Dos Santos?" section. We also had a lot of talk on the English Youth National team, where Harry Kane and Steven Caulker are making moves.

A fun mailbag followed, with a bevy of fantasy draft talk and a long analysis of just what Ledley King can do these days. We wrap things off with a lovely bow on previewing the United match. Paranoia abounds after a week of spooky supposed injuries, as our intrepid hosts break down the Red Devils coming down to White Hart Lane.

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