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Tottenham Have Some Work To Do On Leandro Damiao

We can no haz?
We can no haz?

Also filed under: Ryan's favorites that need to be Levy's favorites.

Hey, remember Leandro Damiao? He is that really good striker for Internacional who was reportedly offered to Tottenham Hotspur (other clubs too, but Spurs had first crack at him because of the partnership with the two clubs) for a low price, but Spurs said no so he stayed with Internacional. That looks really dumb now.

Once he stayed with Internacional, he kept scoring goals and became a more regular player for Brazil. Basically, he turned his awesome up to 11, but that's not all that happened. He also found a new love for playing for Internacional, or maybe he realized that he can hold out for the best because the best is coming. Whatever the reason, Leandro is not as eager to make a move as he once seemed to be.

"One day (the possibility of playing abroad) that day will come, but my career plan right now is to stay at Internacional," he told TVCOM Esportes.

"If I do leave, then I hope it will be for a big club which is always fighting for titles. My current contract expires in 2016 but I am in no hurry to leave right now."

Well isn't that just dandy? Of course, Tottenham still desperately need a striker. Emmanuel Adebayor has been good, but he is only on loan and unless he is willing to take a major pay cut (not happening), he will not be with the club next year. Neither Jermain Defoe nor Louis Saha is the type of player the club really wants playing alone up top match after match either so yes, Tottenham desperately need a striker. Maybe one like Leandro?

So the young player at a position that Spurs desperately need help at and could have had on the cheap is now waiting for the biggest and best. Spurs could be in that category or they could not, but it is clear that it will be more difficult to pry him away from Internacional. Lovely.