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Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Stoke City: A Draw That Feels Like A Loss

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I really don't have the heart for a full match report today. I can't do it. I'm so incredibly disappointed in this team.

The team that appeared to have better chemistry than any team in the league in the late fall looked like strangers for most of their game against Stoke City. And not only that, but they were incompetent both attacking and defending set pieces. This was Tottenham Hotspur's ultimate undoing.

A Rafael Van der Vaart goal in stoppage time saved a point in a 1-1 draw, but it feels like an empty point. It doesn't feel like a point earned to me. Rafa was garbage before his header hit the net. Absolute abject garbage. Luka Modric looked off all game. Benny's long balls weren't what they usually are. Scott Parker had a horrid first half.

Stoke's 75th minute goal? It came on a set piece, because of course it did. They're Stoke. This isn't negative and we shouldn't attack them for it. We shouldn't attack Tony Pulis for relying on his team's strengths and executing the same gameplan his teams have executed in every game against decent sides in the Premier League. We should criticize Harry Redknapp and the rest of the Tottenham staff for doing nothing about it.

Our set pieces? They rarely got by the first defender. When they did, they were into an empty space. You know, because we don't practice them.

When you're playing Stoke, your central playmaker isn't sharp and you don't train set pieces...why even show up to the damn game? It's pointless.

But they fell asleep in stoppage time and gave up a goal. Good for us.

This team is a disaster.