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Brad Friedel In 'Giving A Crap About Things Other Than Football' Shocker

I don't even know what this pose is.
I don't even know what this pose is.

Guys, there are things that are more important than football. Did you know that? I bet you didn't know that.

In an interview, someone asked Brad Friedel if Tottenham Hotspur are under serious pressure to get results and finish in the top four. His reply was initially surprising, but it's not surprising at all when you get over the initial shock of an answer this honest. Here's an excerpt from The Guardian.

The goalkeeper remarked that he had three children to raise, which was "far more pressure than a football match" and then, of course, there was the Fabrice Muamba trauma.

"I think we all saw last weekend what pressure was," Friedel said, with a sombre nod to the heart attack that the Bolton Wanderers midfielder suffered at White Hart Lane. "Football's not pressure. It might be for some but football's not pressure. Football's fun. If you want to heap the pressure on, then that's you as an individual. But you play football as a game."

Some people might have a problem with this. Honestly, I probably would if Brad Friedel frequently made mental errors on the pitch, if he looked out of shape or if he committed some off the pitch antics that affected the team. He does none of these things. He's a model professional who has played at the highest level for nearly 20 years and he's made less mental errors than just about every Premier League goalkeeper this season. He's been a huge upgrade over Gomes.

If football is just a game to Friedel, that's fine with me if that's what has him in his current form.