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Tottenham Hotspur Team News: It's Still The Same As It Ever Was

Manny bein' Manny
Manny bein' Manny

You were probably thinking something was going to be different than before the Stoke City game, didn't you. Ha! You're wrong! Don't you feel stupid?!? I'm glad I could demean you this fine morning. Basically everything is the same as it was for Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday. Don't believe me.

Heeeeeeere's Harry.

"Lennon is training but at the moment he doesn't feel he's ready to play, so he's not available, Adebayor did a bit on Thursday so we'll have to see how he is, but I'm not sure he'll be fit tomorrow. Other than that we're not too bad."

Still no Aaron Lennon, still no Emmanuel Adebayor. We know that Jermain Defoe can't play with his back to goal and hold up the ball, and we know that Louis Saha is not a very good player except for one game in an Everton shirt and One game in a Tottenham shirt out of...what...25 games this season?

Gareth Bale and Luka Modric are gonna need to put the team on their back, doe.