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No One Cares About Harry Redknapp

Or alternatively, we don't care if you GTFO.
Or alternatively, we don't care if you GTFO.

Tottenham Hotspur have played very poorly since their 5-0 win over Newcastle United. That game was the first game that Spurs played after Fabio Capello left the England job. Harry Redknapp is the favorite to take the England job, or at least he was before this Tottenham skid. If they finish in the top four, he'll probably still get the job.

So, that's it. Harry's probably leaving. We've all known this for months. A lot of people have suggested that Harry and the players might be distracted by all of this England job stuff, and that it's part of the reason for their poor play. Someone apparently had the guts to ask Harry Redknapp whether or not the players think about him leaving and whether or not that is a potential reason for Spurs' recent skid.

Harry thought the question was stupid.

"Absolute nonsense. That is the biggest load of nonsense I have ever heard in my life. They don't care whether I'm the manager next year. They wouldn't lose any sleep over that. That's football. Footballers play the game, they come in every day and train. Someone else walks in here tomorrow - the king is dead long live the king! They don't worry. They don't think 'Harry is going to England' or 'he is going to go somewhere else'."

Do you believe him?