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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 26, 2012

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Happy Monday, Spursland! It has been said here and elsewhere by members of the editorial staff, "sports are better than everything, always". However, sometimes we cannot help but feel that this is not true. Saturday was a day when I felt the opposite, in fact, was true. After the major English Premier League fixture between Spurs And Chelsea, which looked way to much like an MLS game for my taste, I was at a loss. I found myself contemplating the our drop off, the emotions that it has brought out of me, and the general effect that it had on how I handled myself throughout the day. And during my time of reflection I found myself muttering "sports are worse than everything, forever".

And now the "news"

We Deserved More- Rafa- Tottenham hotspur Official Website

I don know what game you were playing in on Saturday, but this team most defiantly did not deserve more. It is arguable that Rafa deserved more, but this team did not deserve to win that game. Saturday's result was not the end of the world, but lets not pretend that it was good or a step in the right direction. If we start doing that for the level of play displayed then we have lowered the bar for success to damn near "everybody gets a trophy" levels.

Spurs Can Overtake Arsenal Says Harry- BBC

Not the team I watched play on Saturday. That team cannot beat the team the played Villa, not happening. Perhaps that team we were watching back in say December, that team could overtake Arsenal. Not this one, though.

Your Crap Striker Rumor Of The Week- Elcentro Campista

I just figured we should get this out of the way early. I mean, we all know Rossi isn't coming. Why would anything good happen?

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Real Madrid To Buld Itself Its Own Island- SB Nation Soccer

This seems like a sound investment for a team with hundreds of million of Euros of debt, especially when the world economy is just starting to peak out from under the covers of a recession. When banks are, lets say reluctant, to lend out the hundreds of millions of dollars it takes to A) build an island and then B) develop it.

Colin Clark Could Be Disciplined For Gay Slur- SB Nation Soccer

I am generally against leagues disciplining players for things said between players on the field. I think it is part of the mental jockeying of the game, but this wasn't between players -- this was said to a ball boy. A kid, really. At some MLS clubs the ball boys are members of the youth teams, at least. This kid looks up to Clark and if MLS does not suspend him then the team should.

VIDEO: Crouch Scores Amazing Goal, Proves He Has Actual Touch- SB Nation Soccer

A goal worthy of this celebration.

VIDEO: Arteta Scores Screamer- SB Nation Soccer

I hate everything right now. Feel free to join me in doing so.