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Some Awesome Updates On Fabrice Muamba

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Fabrice Muamba is still in intensive care at the London Chest Hospital, but he's showing serious signs of improvement. Over the weekend, he was able to get out of his bed.

"He continues to make encouraging progress in his recovery. Over the weekend he has been able to sit out of bed for a short time, watch television and has begun to eat. However, he will need to continue to be closely monitored by the medical team for some time."

We're still a long way off from knowing whether or not Muamba is ever going to be able to play football at a high level ever again, but his health is seriously improving and it's great to know that he's almost certainly going to be able to go on to be an able-bodied person and live the way he did before his cardiac arrest, at least outside of football.

Bolton's players are planning on going to the hospital to visit Muamba before the FA Cup game against Tottenham Hotspur.