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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 28, 2012

I wonder what the payout on a prop bet that this old dude would score a goal yesterday was?
I wonder what the payout on a prop bet that this old dude would score a goal yesterday was?

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Who told you? Eh? Who told you not to panic? Who told you not to worry, that Harry had it all under control and that the boys would right the ship?...Ok so it most definitely wasn't me, but whatever. Somebody somewhere was saying those things, and while some of us (me) refused to listen, I am sure many of you did. Congratulations, you well adjusted minority amongst Spurs Nation, you.

BTW how long do we need to refrain from mocking the play of Ryan Nelsen?

And now the "news"

Owen Coyle Writes Message Of Thanks To Tottenham For The Care Fabrice Muamba Received- Sky Sports

A nice move, but I highly doubt that anyone involved in the care immediately after Patrice collapsed needed a thank you and isn't the story with this that, in this day and age, we have the ability to react to such serious situations? It is miraculous! It is amazing. It is the greatest representation of the triumph of humanity over the restrictions nature placed on us. Hurrah us!

VIDEO: Their Keeper Is Amazing -ESPN

And there is Harry with the understatement of the month.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

The United States Didn't Qualify For The Olympics And It Doesn't Matter- SB Nation Soccer

I have been waiting or this article to pop up since Ryan Rosenblatt began tweeting this central idea the night the US crashed out of qualifying. I have been waiting for it because he is right, and because he is also so god damn wrong and short sighted. It is true that for the development of the players, this tournament is basically meaningless. It is true that when it comes to prestige, this tournament is lower that the Confederations Cup. And it is true that winning it should never be the goal for any national federation. But there is a larger thing here. The Olympics, as a whole, are billed as the world coming together to celebrate sport. All sport, not just whatever the major sports in your small corner of the world happens to be (what up American Football) and for many, many, many children, it is the birthplace of dreams of greatness.

You see while most of us that read this article know that the Olympics for men's soccer are meaningless for the winner, I am guessing my young soccer fanatic cousins aged six, eight, and 11 don't really see the contrast between major international tournaments in the same light that we do what with them still spending most of their time playing with Barbies. And it is on this grand stage that they can be presented hero's to look up to, whether they be the best in the world or not. They won't know the difference, and neither will hundreds of thousands of other children across this country. They could have seen their first game on TV because there parents don't think soccer is cool, but, hey, this is the Olympics! Let your obscure sport freak flag fandom fly, baby! And those kids could pick up a ball and start playing something new. You see, Ryan is right, the Olympics don't mean jack shit to him, me, and probably you, but they could have meant every thing to a little kid looking for a dream.

Fabrice Muamba And The Fan Who Was Sentenced To 56 Days In Jail For Racist Tweets- SB Nation Soccer

This is your MUST READ story of the day. You have got to, and take a gander at the comments. As of this writing, the comments show two SB Nation writers from either side of the pond debating this in a calm, rational, nationally sensitive and well reasoned way that makes proponents of free speech say things like, ";ook this shit works!"

VIDEO: Benzema Is Bad At Football- SB Nation Soccer

I've seen worse things, but they are usually in footage of prison riots.